Are your company’s  decision processes efficient, can they  be improved, what is the importance attached  to strategic  thinking?

How do you decide where to invest?

How does the company’s business model evolve, is there need for improvement?

How is production organised, can it be improved?

Are your products correctly priced, are you collecting  the value they create for the customer?  Would correct pricing strategies improve earnings?

Kurdoglu Danismanlik strives to find answers to these questions, and thereby to contribute to your efforts to increase company value.

It has been 25 years since Celik Kurdoglu  has been involved in the efforts of the Turkish business community to sustain its growth in the global environment.  The Foreign Economic Relations Board of Turkey (DEIK) was the first platform to share experiences towards providing Turkish business with the network and collaboration leverage towards this purpose.

Involvement in the work of the European Roundtable of Industrialists (ERT)  was an opportunity to enrich  experiences in the design of competitiveness strategies at an environment created by the leaders of European industry.

40 years of academic work in Turkey and at leading centres of academic excellence provided solid foundations for  the efforts to identify and design competitiveness strategies.



To contribute to the efforts of companies in building up an efficient, effective institutional structure and in designing strong financial management, competitiveness orientation and correct pricing strategies, towards creating value.



The vision of Kurdoğlu Danışmanlık is based on the following observations:

  • Segmentation throughout the production process  is concurrent  with globalisation
  • Liberalisation of international trade helped cross national borders production
  • Successful companies base their business modeling and the organisation of their production on this evolution
  • Companies which have completed their managerial transformation and have achieved good governance quality reach success in this environment.