Ç.Kurdoğlu has been advising companies on institutionalisation and corporate strategy since 1999 when he founded Kurdoglu Danismanlik A.S..

Since 2004, he has been involved in competitiveness strategy related issues at the European Roundtable of Industrialists, where competitiveness is studied and policy recommendations are elaborated  at the level of the Chairmen and CEOs of Europe’s industry leaders.

Ç.Kurdoğlu was among the pioneers of corporate governance in Turkey , where he co-founded “iyisirket” Danismanlik A.S. with R.Saban of Saban Law Firm in 2003.  This company advised major Turkish corporations in the design and installation of corporate governance mechanisms, and collaborated with Institutional Shareholder Services Inc., in the introduction of Corporate Governance Rating in Turkey.  He has terminated his relationship with “iyisirket” Danismanlik in June 2011.

He was an  independent board member at Tekfenbank between 2001-2007, and was Chairman of the Turkish Foundation for Combatting Soil Erosion and Reforestation (TEMA), between 2007-08.

C.Kurdoğlu participated in the enlargement of the corporate finance related work of Global Securities Inc between 1995-2000, particularly in Romania, Bulgaria, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, and Azerbaijan.  He also contributed to this companies corporate finance related activities in Turkey.

The founding and growth of the Foreign Economic Relations Board of Turkey, (DEIK) in 1987 introduced C.Kurdoglu  to the business community, where he engineered the creation of an extensive network covering initially 3 countries.  Bilateral business councils were established with 70 countries by 1995, when he resigned as Director of DEIK. This activity involved the participation  of not less than 2.000 Turkish companies annually.

In 2002 C.Kurdoglu initiated the establishment of the Black Sea Economic Collaboration Business Council (BSEC-BC), a network of companies from the 9 countries of the Black Sea region and Greece.  BSEC-BC was instrumental in bringing international   financial facilities to the scope of its corporate members  from the 9 countries,  as well as to national infrastructure projects of those countries.

He continued as member of the Boad of DEIK until 2008.

C.Kurdoğlu was research administrator at the Development Centre of the OECD in Paris during 1983-86, where he studied the correlation  between the growth of engineering consultancy companies and  national technological progress in Turkey, South Korea, Malaysia, Singapore, India, and the Phillipines, and the impact of export oriented growth policies in developing countries.